uncomfortable silence, a podcast from 2010
This is here for historical purposes.

And, sarcasm.com is not for sale. Well it's for sale if you can tender a serious $2,500,000 offer, in that case it's definitely for sale. Otherwise, it's not. I was the first person on the entire planet to think to myself "maybe I will register sarcasm.com" and then I did that and I did that for a reason. And now it's entwined with who I am. It's part of me.

I'm only saying this because I get 2-3 emails a month about it, which I ignore.

No, you can't have it now for $250 or $500 or even $1000. Unless you have $2,500,000 or an equivalently valued piece of Los Angeles area real estate that was bequeathed to you or whatever that you are willing to give up for it, please don't write me and ask. We all have a price, that's mine. And it's in US Dollars as of 2016 and it's subject to change if we have a bout of hyperinflation.

If you want to wait it out until I die, that's fine. My son will take ownership of the domain, and he might want a higher price. Right now, he could probably be bribed with a few hundred dollars of steam gift cards. But I'm not dying right now.

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Thank you, and have a nice day.
- Kurt Koller

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