Kurt Koller (beta)

My name is Kurt Koller and I live in Santa Monica, CA. I moved here from "out East" in 2011. This site is about me so I'll be talking about myself a lot.

I guess I'll start by saying that I work with computers and have since I was a wee lad. By wee lad I mean 11 years old, so that's a long time. I'm told by people I've worked with and for that I'm a very good developer. I have a page on LinkedIn where people say that and other nice things about me.

Sometimes I do more than just program websites. For instance, I can (and do) build things that have computers in them for installations or events. I'm always looking for new and interesting technology-related projects. My company is called Minimalist and our clients are mainly in Los Angeles and New York, but that's probably just because those are the two largest cities in these United States.

Recently, I've been writing TV pilots and working with "Hollywood types." (They're really not as bad as people make them out to be, at least not the ones I've come in contact with.) And just like that, a Kurt Koller IMDB page has sprung into existence with a few things I've worked on. I'm currently pitching a few show ideas and working on a film. I'm also working on other ideas with a few writing partners. Hopefully over the next few years I'll have more to show for this effort, because I'm enjoying it and writing words is a nice counterpoint to writing code.

Some web links (yes this is SEO related but also hopefully useful!):

Here's what this page looked like in 2005. I like keeping that around. And last but hopefully not least, I'll leave you with a funny story (on my blog) I wrote in the 90s (not on my blog) about Taco Bell and $2 bills. Thanks for stopping by!

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